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  • Member: Nira1992
  • Title: Self-IC: Friday the 13th
  • Premiered: 2011-05-13
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    • Tom Waits Singapore
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  • Comments: Here we have my second attempt at an Iron Chef-like AMV. I followed the same rules as the tournament again for the most part, except that I chose my source this time. I'd just finished watching Munto and didn't feel like editing with anything else. I did stick to the '5 consecutive episodes' rule though (I used 5-9) and I didn't know the song until 20 minutes before I started editing.

    Speaking of the song... my mother decided to choose the most hideous song in our collection. It turned out to hilarious to edit to though, as well as not as hard as I'd thought. In fact, I originally had the song cut to 1:15, thinking that even that long might be pushing my luck, but an hour into editing I'd finished and even edited it a little. So, instead of stopping early, I added another 0:45 seconds to it. I still finished 10 minutes early.

    A fair warning: you probably will hate the song. However, the video is not meant to be serious, and just laugh your head off while you watch it (not that I expect you to find it all that funny...).

    The title is because my mother reminded me that I edited this on Friday the 13th, and considering the song, I thought it was fitting.

    Software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9

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