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  • Member: ExSphere
  • Title: La tristesse durera toujourst
  • Premiered: 2011-05-05
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    • Daughter Run
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  • Comments: This video originally was created for round one of Brads Iron Chef Tournament. Once I started listening to the song I really wanted to do this engaging video with strict focus on two characters. The rules of the Iron Chef limited me to only using 5 episodes of the series and a time limit of 2 hours so my goal was looking very grim. I ended up doing a bit of half and half on my idea and just throwing random filler clips to get little segments done and it came out looking very bland. Needless to say I ended up losing that round and getting kicked out of the tournament before any other contender did. The thought of my video not being enjoyed by the judges really troubled me and made me think I might be losing my touch. Going day in and day out looking at the mp4 file on my desktop started haunting me to the point where I got dragged to open up the project file again. This time I had all the time I needed, and the flexability of using every episode. After a month of close polishing, and strict scene selection the video came to its final form and I couldn't be anymore happier with it.

    Also a fun side note - This video has the exact same endings as one of my previous works I did.

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