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  • Member: BigDude
  • Studio: Panzer Supreme Studios
  • Title: Loss and Regain
  • Premiered: 2003-05-31
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    • Hack sign OST Distrust
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    This is on my ftp, if you cannot get the video please try again another time.

    This video contains spoilers to .hack//Liminality and possibly .hack/Infection for the PS2


    I did this one out of boredom, I had nothing to do at all until I could get my DVDs... so I used older ones I hadent used yet. .hack//Liminality and the opening to .hack//Infection for PS2. I spent a total of about 4 hours on this one, not including the ripping/converting process. I worked real fast on it, I had a lot of steam for a project but no real project...

    This is a really depressing video, I find. It outlines an exaguration of Mai\'s problem\'s as losses, and then the good things she has, wraped around \"The World\". I used a really slow song from the .hack//Sign OST, \"Distrust\". It has an extramly sad feel to it, but also goes up in enthusiasum simbolizing good things.

    This is a fairly good video, it turned out better than I had expected. If you like the really slow stuff you might like it.

    Hope you enjoy the video! :)
    Comments welcom, if you know what you are talking about. ;)

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