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  • Member: Cyanna
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: The 800lb. Gorilla [Disney MEP 2]
  • Premiered: 2011-06-08
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    • ABeatC All Stars It's A Small World
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  • Comments: "It's a Small World"...The Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed Around the World. I have some significant sentimental attachment to the attraction. It was my grandfather's favorite ride in Disney World and to this day it's something my family has to do every time we're down there. It's one of the ways we take time to remember him. As a result I'm kinda immune to the "AAAAUGGGHH! MY BRAAAAAIN!" effects that come with hearing that song over and over again.

    Ever since I first saw Hetalia I couldn't really get over how much the ending credits brought feelings of Disney nostalgia (Castles?! Really now...). Something about the colors and the art style...not to mention you can sing the chorus of one alongside the chorus of the other. It was a video that had to be done. Initially I was a bit nervous about the potential of being 1 of 20 "APH Small World" videos released this year.

    Fortunately there are more than enough covers of "It's a Small World" to go around with each one putting a different spin on it. In the end it made the idea of many people working on the same theme pretty intriguing (Go watch Kiarrens "Hetaria Sing-A-Wrong". Perfect example of how two people can treat the same subject so differently). I chose the ABeatC version used in Dance Dance Revolution: Disney's Rave because it was short and I was in a charitable mood.

    Just a few things to note as far as inspirations go. Keeping up with the Disney theme I was fond of referring to the whole cast whizzing by before the title screen as the "Parade of Nations" (Korea is in there somewhere). That whole bit was inspired by the 2nd One Piece opener.

    The first chorus is mostly about "small" nations. Chibis having fun, letting their hair down...jumping out of planes.

    The second chorus is more of my personal homage to the ride itself. It takes advantage of the original ending but I wanted to throw in something for those who have seen this ending so many times already (the episodes are only 5 minutes long). So the individual nation portraits were replaced with shots from the show. With the exception of Russia, each nation is interacting with at least one other nation somehow in each frame. Then I have Chibitalia dancing in Hungary's clothes because he looks like a Small World doll. This is followed by Japan shaking his head back and forth with cuckoo clocks. Probably the most blatant shout-out to the ride is Italy flying by in a balloon holding the "HELP" sign.

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