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  • Member: EvilBloodyNoob
  • Studio: Dreamscope
  • Title: [IchiRuki]Secret Love
  • Premiered: 2011-03-16
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    • Mayday Parade Anywhere But Here
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  • Comments: Before I say anything about the video I would like to say please go easy on me on this one. I'm not that great with hardcore action anime like Bleach, DBZ, & Naruto.
    Second I would like to thank Chris(InfinitePhobia) for the Bleach episodes thanks man really appreciate it

    Now Dana I know I promised I would make a IchiRuk just for you ♥ and you've been waiting patiently. I hope you like it Dana. We've been good really friend for a very long time that I actually lost count how long we've been friends for xD
    typical me, huh? Once again I hope you like this video Dana and we stay good friends for a very long time ♥

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