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  • Member: ChainedSky
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: Purged Memories
  • Premiered: 2011-02-11
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    • 里都 White Season
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    My entry for the Level Up 2011 contest. A huge thanks to my pro, AimoAi that helped me a lot during this. If it wasn't for her the outcome would probably be way more sloppier. Even if I don't win anything I'm glad I joined the compititon for all the friends I've made and all I've learnt =D

    After re-watching one of the final EF's episodes I thought..."What if Chihiro couldn't be saved after all? What if she had to remain forever trapped in her own soul?" With this in mind I just grabbed the original story that she wrote in the anime and gave it my own twist. If Chihiro couldn't be saved by the one she loved, she would have been forever lost inside her own little island until the day she eventually grew tired of it, tired of all the things she couldn't comprehend even if she wanted to and then decide to just erase it all, including herself. With no one to show her the possibilities of a "real" human life, the God -- Chihiro -- ends up destroying, in seconds what took ages to build by simply burning it all down to ashes.

    For this AMV I tried to show how life was for Chihiro after she started to slowly discover what it was like to be loved and to love someone back and the despair she felt when she realized she couldn't have the person she wished for. With her memories disappearing after a rather small amount of time in the real world and the "windows for reality" -- her paintings -- becoming blurry no matter how hard she tried to stop it in her own world, she ended up lost in herself not knowing where to go next or what to do with her feelings until she just collapses and finally succeeds to end all her suffering.

    In the end, instead of saving only made her inevitable destruction arrive faster...

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