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  • Member: Shadox-kun
  • Studio: Eden-Team
  • Title: [Shadox] One Reason to Live
  • Premiered: 2011-02-25
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    • The Luna Sequence Hope On Black Wings
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  • Comments: Hebergement gratuit d'image et photo

    Well here is my video for the Level Up 2011. At first I thank Kain to have taken me as a novice (it has not been easy to take care of us xD)
    Talking about the clip itself, the concept (although it is not very clear) is the title "One Reason to Live" as a hero with some manga most think more 'Fight for Survival' bah ... is the case xD, when I look at a clip that I made on Yurippe lol. I must admit it's a bit vague for those looking for something in the video ^^'. Instead, I rely on editing, rhythm, sync, effects. Good back to basics, it was not a cakewalk this level up, in December ... External Hard Drives with 300GB of anime fucking ;__;, January I get a new DDE, I had a concept before the death of my DDE, but re-download the 2 seasons of Code Geass with a joint 'at 100K / s + rough assembly was dead ... So we part on different concept that has not accomplished lol (It was really hard xD), suddenly I went with Angel Beats! ... 2 weeks before the Deadline. Kain asked me to mix audio ... Try it too, and then we realized that The Luna Sequence was not mixable: lol:
    I try something, I spend a prev' to Raitei ... and here I thought ... Yeah the story sucks actually ... xD (Thanks Raitei anyway).
    So I started the clip that was called "One Reason to Live" when I had the most trouble was the colo', which put not to make dirty etc ... (Thank you for choosing Emelikku colo 'xD) I changed everything and I like it. Was good after the scrolling images ... Kain got to spend a prev 'to better control (although I doubt the choice of scenes to put it in the prev' xD). After it was good, I strictly followed these tips to improve this clip 8)
    Encodes for 91mo 0 /, it makes me that since I change the version Zaraxgui. Shinomi told me why it was like that, next time it will be less heavy xD

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