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  • Member: -Corsair-
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: Origami
  • Premiered: 2011-02-24
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  • Comments: Angry face

    This was definitely not my typical style of editing.
    I noticed that lately I had gotten so caught up in trying to create effects based videos that I was beginning forget my fundamentals of editing.

    I decided it was time to go back to the roots of simple cuts and beat syncing with this AMV while trying to create a theme/plot that was easily recognized with a lot of meaning behind it.

    The title Origami came to mind when I was looking at the completed track in Vegas and noticed how many little mili-second cuts there were. It reminded me of creating an origami swan, which has so many small details to create a work of art. Something so simple as a piece of paper and folding is easily related to an AMV, where simplicity and flow can create a masterpiece.

    Thanks to my beta testers too! Re-Evo people....I can't remember everyone off the top of my head haha.
    Enjoy ~

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