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  • Member: Pepsiman
  • Title: Automatic May
  • Premiered: 2003-05-29
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    • Real McCoy Automatic Lover
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  • Comments: It had been twice that I entered a video for the Anime North Music Video Contest. No Awards to show for it but at least I was consistent with my entries. Iíd only use dance music for my videos, no DBZ/Bebop Linkin Park stuff from me! It was pure euro dance all the way for me!! So what kinda video would I make this time? Would it be another DDR video from me? Or would I finally get around to making that super depressing Mad World Evangelion video?

    What you see right here is the video I ALMOST entered for the Anime North AMV contest. It was a music video idea that was stuck in my head the moment I started watching Hand Maid May and if I didnít make the video soon it would be stuck in there forever! This video was my first attempt at any kind of Lip Syncing, it was also the last time that Iíll ever make a video using DivX DVD rips as my source files. You see when I finally got the third May DVD to finish off my video I forgot what the resolution DivX files from the first two DVDs were. As a result sometimes youíll see black lines on the top and bottom and sometimes you wonít. Still little complaints aside it was still a fun video to make; itís also the video where I think I was finally comfortable with using Premier. I figured out how to use cross fades, zoom fades, as well cutting audio (can you tell the difference?) and although this wasnít the video I ended up choosing for my entry, I donít think it was a waste of my time.

    Hey are you downloading yet? Check it out already!

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