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  • Member: Pepsiman
  • Title: Let it be tonight Utena
  • Premiered: 2000-05-19
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    • Kim Lukas Let It Be The Night
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  • Comments: This was the first video I ever made and up until I found it on an old CD-R I thought for sure it was gone forever when my old computer was wiped out by a virus.

    This Video was made for Anime North 1999. Using my spiffy new DVD Player, new capture card, and some ancient edit program that came with the capture card. I started working on a video that I was sure would blow the socks off the competition so when video was the second one they showed, I naturally assumed it came in second last. The audio was muffled and the loud bass did a very good job of masking any trace of a song playing Lets not also forget that there were subtitles in the music video (which we all know is a big no no) I was so nervous/embarrassed that half way through the video screening I had already decided that Id never attempt to do another AMV again! The video ended and despite how much I feared that everyone hated it, I still heard lots of clapping. It felt good to hear praise for something I created and so two years later (my capture card died 2 months after I bought it) I started making AMVs again!

    Not my best video, but Id like to think Ive gotten better since then ~_^

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