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  • Member: aoisenshi
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: S P E C T R U M
  • Premiered: 2011-01-03
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    • Daft Punk Derezzed
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    Happy New Year everyone:'D My first AMV for 2011! xDDD After 4 days, it's finally done. ;w; I was actually really excited and motivated when I started this... then I slowly regretted it and it just went downhill at the end... (I got lazy. o_e)

    Anyways, I'm dedicating this to Katzie and Maria. I hope you guys had a wonderful birthday! *w* *glomps both* X3

    Katzie/ Nekkozie

    Maria/ aoiproductions2008

    *Note: I didn't cut the song incase some of you were wondering. XD (I know the audio can sound strange at times. =v=)

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