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  • Member: Niotex
  • Studio: Niotex Productions
  • Title: Eidolon: Breakdown
  • Premiered: 2011-01-28
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    • BT Paris
    • Chris Clark Slow Spines
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    Eidolon: Breakdown

    This is a breakdown of the individual scenes for the video Eidolon. It is to give some insight on how all the scenes were put together and/or altered to fit the video. I deliberately excluded the credits as to limit possibly copycats. People capable enough can figure that part of the video out for themselves.

    If people have any questions about "Eidolon" or this "Eidolon: Breakdown" video; I'd recommend posting those in the announcement topic on the forum or send me a PM. Interesting and/or insightful questions will be posted here for other people to read as well.

    Flowchart of the video Eidolon on which this breakdown is based.

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