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  • Member: snapxynith
  • Title: 80's of the future
  • Premiered: 2007-07-16
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    • Gaylord Entertainment Company Galaxy Rangers
    • The Chipettes Getting Lucky
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  • Comments: This video gave me a lot of hours in learning special effects for video editing. Other than a few the effect work is aimed to be invisible. Making a few lip syncs possible, hiding mouth flaps, digitally editing out props and elements in the original clips that distract the audience's focus.

    It really should have been made into two separate videos. Getting Lucky by itself is solid, simple, and mildy funny. The galaxy rangers portion is more of an homage and is very short due to its nature. The bridge "hacking" scene is not very coherent and confuses most people. Which necessitates an explanation that Chii is hacking the original video before it is complete and inserting her own into the video stream.

    I spliced these videos together because I felt that the galaxy ranger video would never be seen by anyone otherwise. Only after seeing it in competition did I realize that it was perfectly fine for it never to be seen. It really is a video that I just wanted to make and a video needs nothing else if it warms a heart, even if it is only for the creator's eyes.

    It was a good learning experience to make this video. Only time will show if I apply the lessons.

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