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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: Baka Go Home
  • Premiered: 2010-12-20
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  • Song:
    • Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand
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    German team: Ingow, Streicher, Noss and me.
    Special Thanks to Cenit for beta testing and kicking our asses

    Was very much fun to participate in this IC though it was very spontaneous xD

    Thursday 16th evening: We got 4 people together to build a team.
    Friday 17th : Signed up for the IC. Got the music. Some started preparing footage or editing. Some spent the rest of the day with choosing the song - me for example. I needed hours to decide which song I wanted to use. And finally I chose a fast dance song and wanted to edit that with "Kaleido Star". Then I went to the cinema and watched "The Tourist".
    Saturday 18th I came home from the cinema. I started preparing the footage and I went to bed.
    My last thoughts before I fell asleep were that Barbra and Baka would also be a good combination...In the afternoon I started editing. But when I put the first scene into the project and played it I thought "...this won't work. Too less time." And so: prepared new footage.
    Sunday 19th Started editing.
    Monday 20th Finished editing.

    A lot of stress.
    But also a lot of fun!
    We had a great team and everyone really tried hard! We're great!! No matter if we win or lose!! :D

    And now: Have fun with my video! :3

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