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  • Member: Stratos-RvS
  • Studio: revived studio
  • Title: Crack
  • Premiered: 2010-12-11
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  • Song:
    • Dope You Spin me Around
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    My new action amv !YOU SPIN ME ROUND BABY !

    "Crack" was born thanks to the vids of fluffy kitten and chickboom that made
    me discover the band "DOPE"!!
    one day, discussing with a friend of mine (Overdrive), he sent me a link of
    "You spin me around".
    The song immediately conquered me... while I was listening to it, I thought
    to something dark and at the same time sexy (yes, now you think I'm mad xD)
    however before I found a nice anime for this song and for my idea, a lot of time passed
    till the day I saw the first episode of "Hyakka ryouran samurai girl".
    Was then that I knew that I found the right anime, with his dirty style and with
    his sexy samurai girls.
    I understood that this anime was perfect!!!
    The realization was really funny! you don't understand how much was difficult
    censuring the girls' nude bodies xDxD
    however I tried to make in evidence their sensuality using clip where you can see
    looks and provocative attitudes.
    About the editing, I played a lot with the zoom effects and with a very
    dirty and ruined graphics style that for me is really good for the screamy voice
    of the singer.
    I finsh saying that I hope the vid can give you the same charge it gave to me
    while I was editing it xD

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