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  • Member: Shadox-kun
  • Studio: Arcadia Team
  • Title: Our Future
  • Premiered: 2010-11-03
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    • Celldweller The Wings Of Icarus
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  • Comments: 1st Toulouse Game Show & 1st Anim'est

    Here's my AMV for the "Toulouse Game Show"
    So, this AMV, i'm rather proud of it because it's my first REAL AMV since i started editing (yeah...). I had some problems with Evangelion (the colours...). I re-downloaded the movie without colours problems. I open Sony Vegas and BIG problem, all of my scenes were shifted ... (the thing that really pisses you off xD). I had to re-do everything (it took me one hour and a half...) well.. To talk about my AMV, well, it is about the future, the end of the world
    More seriously, there is a theme so there is a story (not necessarily) :
    July 1999, a new "God" came down from the sky with his army called "Angels". In 2010, the new "God" plans to destroy the Earth about the end of December 2012. During this time, the Resistance created "Weapons" to destroy this "God". And then, the 20th of December 2012, they only have 24 hours to save the future.
    So, the girl from Diebuster is the big bad girl of the story and those of Evangelion are the heros xD.
    Well, so, why "Our future" ? Just because we're talking about the humanity and not about the future of our heros.
    I mainly want to thank those who gave me advice on my preview (Special Thanks), especially Luna & Kuromi for their support 'cause without them, i think that this AMV would be in my list of AMVs not finished. (Actually, Kuromi told me that she'd beat me up if i didn't finish it :D). Well, so i think i said everything, if you have any questions...
    Enjoy !

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