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  • Member: Deuce Loosely
  • Studio: Deuce Loosely Productions
  • Title: I'm In a Cup
  • Premiered: 2010-11-28
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    • Deuce Loosely / James Towne Godot Special Roast #72
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  • Comments: Anime Milwaukee 2011
    FIRST PLACE - Comedy

    Tekkoshocon 2011
    RUNNER-UP (by four votes) - Trailer / Commercial

    FIRST PLACE - Comedy
    RUNNER-UP (by ONE vote) - Fan Favorite

    Animazement 2011
    FIRST PLACE - Comedy

    Nekocon 14
    FIRST PLACE - Comedy


    I'm friends with most of the members of the Phoenix Wright mock trial group, Fueled by Coffee. This year's Nekocon was their third year performing comical courtroom dramas as the full cast of the Nintendo DS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games.

    This year's trial contained a speech which parodied the Old Spice "I'm On a Horse" ad, recited by Godot. I figured it was too good to not have a video made out of it.

    It's not as easy working with sprites as I thought, nor is the timing of live speech. Rather than read the entire thing in one take I split the script into several pieces to better sync them with the video.

    This took me all of two days to toss out there because the idea was so instantaneous. Everything flowed so there wasn't much thought needed in terms of what to do with it.

    I thank cast member James Towne (Godot) for writing this lovely piece.

    FACT: I used this video and changed the text graphics for use as the Comedy category bumper for the Katsucon 2011 AMV contest. It received 15 votes for Best in Show. Yeah, I didn't believe it either at first. :P

    NOTE: in spite of what the video info says, this piece is only 30 seconds in length.

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