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  • Member: AltruisticCrono
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: Azumanga Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2009-02-26
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    • The Matrix Reloaded Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: In a last week decision before the deadline, I decided to Iron Chef this for the Anime Detour 2009 AMV Competition. I knew the general layout in my head, but I didn't know where all the audio sources were located.

    With the span of two very long days, I watched all 26 episodes again and took scene / audio notes along the way. Patching the Azumanga audio where the original Matrix Reloaded audio was also another two day process, complicated by the fact I wanted decent audio levels and edited the DVD / audio WAV files alone without visuals. The last 2 1/2 days allowed just enough time for video editing, special effects, and sending it to the post office.

    It might have been overkill to document all the Azumanga scenes for a short trailer, but now I won't have to watch the whole series again for specific scenes. Lastly, the ending matrix code scene dramatically increased the file size despite putting it through a 2-pass Xvid encode at 70% quality with AVS filters.

    Although just an experiment and trial run for future Anime trailers, I'm pleased how it turned out. More scenes could have used more special effects, but aren't true trailers supposed to use mostly just the source's visuals? 0_o;;;

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