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  • Member: Parodic Productions
  • Studio: Parodic Productions
  • Title: Because I Got High
  • Premiered: 2003-05-25
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    • Afroman Because I Got High
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  • Comments: Newest Update: I'm going to remake this video with new footage and a longer, uncensored version of the song. As for this current file, I already know that this file is crap, being over a hundred fifty MG's of data and having scratch sounds here and there; that plus the file over at fileplanet is gone, I'm pretty sure. Therefore, I'll need for everyone to forego this video for now until I make a refreshed version in the future. I'm not sure when due to my time schedule, but I'll try to fit it in whenver I have a chance. Still some things I need for it anyway. Til then, check out my other video.

    Update: This is it.

    I swear, this video has given me nothing but trouble lately. Not only have I been unable to get it to an avi for the past few months, but when I'm actually able to, for some unfathomable reason, I can't get the damn thing under a hundred megs, hence I can't even transfer it over to here. What a pain. And, to make matters worse, there's a problem with the audio that makes it scratch every now and then.

    Anyway, the file is about 150, and I'm only able to host it over at Fileplanet at this time. I'm still gonna try to make an alternate site for it to be hosted, or find a way to compress it. In fact, I'll probably just go back and reedit the whole thing to correct the audio, not to mention put in the full song, as well. I really want to do some new things, as well, including this serious one I'm also working on.

    Anyway, enjoy it.

    I would also like to apologize to anyone who feels offended by the one word about eating the you-know. At the time, I thought of it humorous, in fact I still do, and I forgot to take heed to the thoughts of what some people may say about it. Now that I mention it, that one scene is very offensive and I sould have thought about that beforehand. So I'm deeply sorry if you took any offense to this.

    What a mess.

    Before the convention was even close, most of the other critics hated my video, saying some crap that it contains offensive foul language and whatnot, even going as far as to saying it should have been banned from the con entirely. I barely was able to get it for an evening showing on Saturday around midnight, so only a handful of people were able to see it. I alos put the sound in the wrong place, so it all came out of the background instead. And, for some reason, some images were darker than from the other versions I've made of it. And before it was shown, I had to wait ten minutes for that damn Max Payne/Linkin Park video to be over. God help me.

    Despite all of this, however, people laughed their asses off most of the time. That's cool. I alos think that my video should have been much better than some of the other videos that took part at the contest. One video featured nudity, one featured the F-word three time (no, wait, two videos!), and one was nice enough to show Shinji's little happy hand; whereas, my video features no nudity, no F-words, only two small curse words (three if you count the garbled word), and absolutley no jizz of any kind. So, I for one would like to know the big deal over the matter. Eh. Screw it.

    In any case, for my first video, I did pretty good for my first video. It'll probably be awhile for me to reach the caliber that people like Doki Doki have all achieved, but I'll still do my very best next year. I already have an insane idea for it, though it'll probablt take some time to get ready. I also want to create a serious one using footage from Excel Saga; that one's gonna take a hell of a time for me to finish. Well, only time will tell. I'll try to have a file up here in the near future. Here's hoping.

    What should I talk about? Well, I initially got the idea for a video at Otakon 2001, but I didn't have any idea of what kind of video to make. Later, once Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back came out, I found a general idea for my video. All I needed were the correct images. That became a problem for me, as I was only an otaku for about a year, and I only had a small collection. That, plus I knew there would have to be some objectionable content in it if I did one. A year later, I had my idea on hold, until I went to Otakon 2002 and saw footage for Excel Saga, and there I had my content before me to help clean it a bit.

    All the materials that I used were in DVD format. I had a few VHS materials, but I couldn't get rid of the volume on any of them, so my first general idea I had in the beginning had to be cut out. All in all, the production took me a week to finish on my own. The lip syncs worked out really well, considering I didn't even plan on much syncing, and I was able to add some fun effects, such as text and all. I think it's worth a look at. I'll try to find a way to have it displayed on the internet, but, until then, I hope you'll see it at Otakon this year. Thank you.

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