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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: Troika Troika Troika DOPAMINE
  • Premiered: 2010-11-18
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  • Song:
    • Charlieissocoollike Chemical Love
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    I friggen love these guys. OT3 forever.

    I got the idea to do this video after seeing Remmy's IC using Romeo x Juliet. I couldnt help but think the singer sounded like Kidd with an accent, and I started this video on impulse.

    If it isnt obvious enough, the synching is supposed to be ironic. ;p

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    From the moment that I saw you
    yeah it had to be love
    girl I can't help but adore you
    knew you'd fit me like a glove
    what a life we have in store
    to spend together and stuff
    you're a beauty, what a cutie
    its undoubtedly love
    its undoubtedly love

    My legs are growing weak
    and my hearts beating fast
    I know that I should speak to her
    but i'm not sure what to ask
    I feel like my technique might not
    be up to the task
    but she's the love that I do seek
    and hey, she's got a nice ass

    And when she looks at me
    i'll hope she feels the same
    Due to the hormone thats released
    inside her brain

    Its a catecholamine neurotransmitter
    which means it sends a message in your brain
    to tell you that you think the girl you're looking at
    is fitter to make offspring with than any other dame

    And when she looks at me
    yes i can feel it beating
    i can tell from the shortness of my breath
    that my body has reacted
    to our wandering eyes meeting
    and the high im on's comparable to meth

    But methamphetamine's a drug in which im clean
    but i can't say the same for dopamine

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