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  • Member: killeragosta90
  • Studio: Raging Souls Studio
  • Title: Please...Stop this Song!!
  • Premiered: 2010-10-29
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  • Songs:
    • Bob Marley No Woman No Cry
    • Cirrus Back on a Mission
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    Amv edited in less than a day. First place in the IC contest "DAT EYE SEE!" (official italian ic contest organized by mirkosp). The contest required to achieve the best video in two days, the only requirement, the song used. The story should be quite understandable, just read the title to get an idea, "Please...Stop this Song!!". Some of you knew that for some strange reason the samurai afro hate the songs of Cirrus?!? Well yes! Afro Samurai hate the songs of Cirrus!!...when he hears some of their songs became aggressive and violent! xD ...until the song ends or until you turn off the source! (as happens in the middle amv, but ......). His mission becomes kill all those who make music and all those who put themselves in the middle! O.O
    The end reveals the song that "relaxes" Afro Samurai xD
    Special thanks to mirkosp He helped me solve a problem of aliasing, advising the filter "maa" (has done wonders! O.O )
    Thanks for your patience, enjoy the video, bye bye :3

    1st place - IC contest - "DAT EYE SEE!"

    Banner by RafusChan :3

    P.S. i'm sorry for the grammatical errors but i'm a very very very stupid italian boy and i speak little english ____

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