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  • Member: EvilBloodyNoob
  • Studio: Intense Flow Studio
  • Title: Final Resolution
  • Premiered: 2010-10-25
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  • Song:
    • Breaking Benjamin So Cold
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    First of all thanks to everyone who helped me look for a song
    but I found one that I liked that most =P
    Second: is Happy Late Birthday Kylie it's a day late but I finished it xD
    I'll delete the other video and by the time you read thing and it's uploaded the video will be gone xD hope you like it =P if not then....oh well at least I made a full with no song cut xD
    Third: Happy Noelle I made a full without a song cut? Dx and Thanks my love for the tittle =P

    Now go Subscribe the Birthday even do it's a day late
    sorry Kylie I was so close to finish last night but I was forced to get off T-T
    and Please Subscribe to her, her account got hacked

    Kazuma is just basicly trying to stop holy bcuz he's the only one who see how bad they are and what they're truly doing but Ryuho is standing in his way and Kazuma tried to tell him that what he's doing is wrong and Ryuho has forgotten who he truly is and he's forgotten his real friends
    so Kazuma keeps fighting holy and Ryuho but Kazuma keeps getting beaten up by Ryuho bucz he's not strong enough so he leaves and try to get stronger
    he dose then he beats Ryuho and then Ryuho realize that what he's done was wrong and Holy should should be stop
    so Kazuma and Ryuho unite. to stop holy but then they start to fight bcuz they want to prove who is stronger so they start to ignore holy and what they're doing. then Kanami get's kidnap so they have no choice to unite again and save her
    they end up saving her and they realize they need to stop Holy once and for all
    they do and then in the end the fight one more time to see which one is the strongest

    The timing is a bit off in some parts
    and the effects I used were Black & White, Brightness & contrast, & Gaussian Blur

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