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  • Member: kapparomeo
  • Title: Collect The Set
  • Premiered: 2010-10-19
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    • Luigi Denza Funiculi Funicula
    • Pokemon Pokemon theme song
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  • Comments: Gunslinger Girl is perhaps my favourite anime and manga of them all - artful and understated, characterful and thoughtful, with a novel and evocative setting and also handling controversial subjects in a sensitive (and atypical) way, rather than succumbing to the temptation to be populist and being shrill, cynical or mawkish about its central conceit. It also has a strong dub with emotive voices well-suited to their roles.

    Given the high regard in which I hold this show, it was inevitable that I would compose a homage towards it at some point. To set it to the Pokémon theme tune might initially less respectful and more spoofy, but that isn't the intention - this is not a parody. I think that it's an appropriate choice to bring into relief the discomfiting juxtapositions that are at the heart of Gunslinger Girl, and however different the attitude in which they're approached the nature of the relationship between handler and cyborg within a fratello might be seen as a mirror between a trainer and his pets (attack dogs?). If you prefer something less coded (or pretentious...) and more cultured, there's a taste of Italian classical music in the credits to add that little flash of thematic polish. ;)

    I hope that you enjoy this AMV, and if you're unfamiliar with Gunslinger Girl, be sure to check it out! Comments & Criticism are, as always, warmly appreciated and always considered seriously.

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