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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: What's My Destiny (Kai version)
  • Premiered: 2010-11-15
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    • Giorgio Vanni What's My Destiny Dragon Ball
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  • Comments: Of all Dragon Ball Z, my favorite part has still got to be the "first season" where Goku and Vegeta fight each other for the first time. I've already done an action-driven tribute with my first DBZ video. I wanted to take a more nostalgic look at the first season with this one.

    This video updates moscardillo's fantastic video ( sadly, no longer available publicly on YouTube ) by using only Dragon Ball Kai footage from the first 15 episodes. The song is "What's My Destiny Dragon Ball", by Giorgio Vanni, from the album Fivelandia 18. This is the song used as the theme for Dragon Ball Z in Italy. Almost all the scenes were taken almost shot-by-shot from the original video, but using corresponding Kai footage instead of Z footage. I filled in other scenes originally in the video (but not found in Kai) with other similar scenes that were from Kai.

    The omake/credits at the end has audio from Episode 124 of Daizenshuu EX: The Podcast, found at and on iTunes. Tell Mike, Meri, and Julian I sent you! :)

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