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  • Member: aoisenshi
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: Wo Ai Ni
  • Premiered: 2010-09-09
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  • Song:
    • Amber Guo Surely Stupid
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    "...Say, Sesshoumaru... did you know?"

    Anime: InuYasha
    Couple: Kikyo x Sesshoumaru
    Song: Surely Stupid
    Artist: Amber Guo/Kuo
    Style: Raw with light effects

    I never did this sort of editing before; where I could just manipulate the characters like that and do whatever I like. It was a challenge, but really fun to do. :'D I really hope I made their relationship believable, though. X'D Also, this is dedicated to Yorleni, who is an amazing editor and also a wonderful friend. She loves this couple so much and so I decided to make this for her birthday. Also, please don't start bashing about the couple or the characters. Even if you don't like these two together, just please enjoy the amv. :3

    Say, Sesshoumaru...
    Did you know?

    listening to you talk happily
    about what's going on in your life
    I have a kind of nameless
    reaction in my heart

    in the death of the night
    I suddenly think of you
    there's no reason
    there's no logic
    I suddenly think of you

    I always thought we were
    the north and south poles of the earth
    until we went our separate ways
    did I realize
    there was so much I wanted to tell you

    it was I who was really stupid
    we'd already met a long time ago
    I convinced myself that it was all just friendship
    it was you who convinced me
    there would be no distance between two hearts
    it was then I realized
    I was loving you...

    it was I who was who was really stupid
    I didn't see through your heart
    I even thought this was just love
    playing a prank out of boredom

    it was I who was really stupid
    I've finally confronted myself
    bravely proving that
    I love you...

    I truly
    ... love you

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