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  • Member: weMULTIPLYgasp
  • Title: Amv - Evanesent
  • Premiered: 2010-10-10
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    • Yoko Kanno Sora
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    [Quantum Studio] [量子スタジオ]

    Evanesent means Beauty. When i heard this song i felt some sort of emotion. Someone (you know who you are hopefully lol) of wise words in editing said:
    "When I hear a song, I use an anime to enhance whatever emotion it gives off."
    I'm not sure of the exact words but I took that thought and drilled it into my mind, here is the result.

    I made this in dedication to all my friends i've made in my short 2 and a half months of editing and also friends who helped me get started and friends who helped me improve.(If your watching this, you know who you are! lol)

    PLUS the editors who inspired me :)
    (Wow i feel like i just got an award lmao...ok thats enough dedications xD)

    I also want thank my subs :). I know i may not have a lot right now, but it really gives me a sence of worth that people are watching my videos. No matter what kind of amv I decide to make xD.

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