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  • Member: przemoc
  • Title: Leviathan
  • Premiered: 2010-10-02
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    • Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
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    Why Black Lagoon?
    I watched Black Lagoon and later its second season in the second half of 2009. I really liked this anime and I felt that I could make some nice action clip from it. Back then I wasn't sure what it should be about, but time helped me to figure it out.

    Why Communication Breakdown?
    Because it fits the show and Revy-Rock relationship to some degree. Because I like Led Zeppelin very much. Because it's one of my favorite tracks from their debut album.

    Why Leviathan?
    Isn't Revy a kind of "monster" living in a "sea" of crime, lechery and treachery?

    When? How long?
    I started working on the AMV in August 2009 and ended in July 2010, but progress was made only during August (7 days), September (1 day), February (1 day) and July (3 days). It's hard to tell exactly how many hours creating this video took, because one day I spent only 1 hour, the other day even 5. But it took definitely more than 24 hours and less than 96 hours. You have to remember I am still newcomer in AMV field, so it wasn't the most effectively spent time.

    Special thanks?
    Goes to Arczi!

    Want to know a bit more?
    Read the last post in the announcement thread.

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