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  • Member: Trisa
  • Title: The Outlaw Ogata Rin
  • Premiered: 2010-10-02
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    • Aggro_1 Nirvana v. Blue Stahli
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    Well about this amv. It was pretty easy to make, because for the song I had already had an idea when I found this anime. Actually I wanted to use Battle Angel Alita, but, that's too old, an I couldn't find any good quality raw. So I started to watch this anime, and I recalled the song, and said "Hey, that's what I was searching for!"

    So here it is. I tried to make a story, I REALLY hope you'll understand, because it is understandable without the anime's main stroy, so it is not nessesary to watch the anime. The video's story is completly different than the anime's. If you understand it... The title might help. I tried to follow the lyrics, but for me, it's pretty hard to find something that can fit Kurt Cobain's lyrics. (I have always wanted to create an amv with a Nirvana song, but untill now, I couldn't find any good remix, or tribute or stg)

    So If really nobody understand it then here's the story....:

    Ogata Rin is the main character, that girl with long brown hair. She's sitting in the prison, and thinking back why she is there. (flashback, I could say...) After that she escapes, kills everyone who is in her way. She tries to hide, and run, but at the end she could not survive....

    That's it. Really not complicated, and there were already 3 ppl who could understand it! ...

    I used Sony Vegas 7.0, Photoshop, and the other usual things...

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