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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: How Do I Live
  • Premiered: 2003-05-23
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  • Song:
    • Leann Rimes How Do I Live
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  • Comments: Technically this is my 2nd AMV, and my 3rd AMV would be my VPM one (

    Long long ago.. (like late-1996/early-1997) one weekend, I set out to make my first AMV(s). Where I was working at the time had a Mac 8500 with a Bravado card (the first-gen).. and I had a 1GB Jazz drive.. so I came in on a weekend, and created 2 AMVs in one sitting. It was soo long ago, I used Adobe Premiere 4.2.1. Anyhow.. I captured as much as I could.. that would fit onto the Jazz drive.. and made my first AMV.. to the anime Gray and Smash Mouth's "Walkin' on the Sun".

    The result of the weekend was 2 AMVs, this one and the Gray one. Until sometime last year, I had forgot about doing any of this.. because I was very unhappy with the results; only a few people saw the videos before their distruction.. and I didn't retry making AMVs until I made (again) the VPM video (

    Somehow this one survived.. and I found it on a work VHS tape of all places.. that was collecting dust. For the first time (the world premiere) here's "technically" my 2nd AMV, or as I want to call it.. "2nd Pre-First AMV".

    If you're interested in seeing the Gray AMV I did.. well you're out of luck, cause that one I'm sure is no where to be found either.. I never entered either of these videos into a contest. Please excuse the crappy audio and video quality.. keep in mind they were captured on a crappy first-gen Bravado card, with nasty compression.. and then stored on a cheap work VHS tape all these years.. I did my best to clean it up a bit.

    NOTE: I just want to point out.. I'm not really a fan of country, however at the time I felt this song did a pretty good job of expressing the feeling and thinking of the characters relationships and their bonds.. even though the song doesn't say a lot.

    A LOCAL download should be available soon. Okay.. enjoy!

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