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  • Member: Moonlight Soldier
  • Studio: Moonlight Firefly Productions
  • Title: The Friend Request
  • Premiered: 2010-08-29
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    • Kate Miller-Heidke Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
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  • Comments: So what do you use Facebook for? To check up on your exes? Or to prove you're better off than they are? Hehe.

    Ahh this video X3 I had so much fun making it, though it was kind of stressful heh.

    My coworker showed me a YouTube video of Kate Miller-Heidke singing the song months ahead of the AWA Pro deadline. I thought to myself; this would be an awesome song to do a vid to and Pro will be perfect because I can actually leave it uncensored!

    Alas, Kate's album wasn't out yet and the only version of the song was a YouTube recording. So I let it go.

    And I kid you not, not four days ahead of the AWA Pro deadline does her CD arrive at work with said song as a bonus track.

    So began my mad scramble to finish The Friend Request on time for AWA Pro.

    *** THE PLOT ***

    Need something with computers...

    Summer Wars
    Evangelion! YES. I have the new movies. (Hadn't watched said movies)
    Rei? Not enough clips. Asuka? Almoooost enough.
    SHINJI! He will be my girl. Tee hee.
    And Asuka is totally badass enough to be the guy.

    *** EDITING ***

    My challenge with this video wasn't at all related to the Facebook stuff, that part was easy. I signed up for a couple accounts and captured the footage I needed. I used a pre-existing Shinji Ikari Twitter account, but enjoyed quickly photoshopping the Eva Unit as the fail whale hehe.

    I did however have huge problems trying maximize the little footage I had, having not actually watched the movies. And apparently I really suck at trying to put stills into Magix that are actually readable. (Sorry.)

    Oh ya, I abused panels in this video because I just learned how to freeform crop in Magix :X

    *** THE JOKES ***

    Shinji Ikari:

    Basic Info
    Birthday: June 6
    Looking For: Friendship, Dating, A Relationship
    Religious Views: Rejecting Instrumentality
    Favorite Quotations: God's in His heaven, All's right with the world Robert Browning

    Education and Work
    Employers: NERV
    Eva01 pilot
    General Purpose Humanoid Decisive Combat Weapon Artificial Human

    Personal quote: I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away ...

    Plethora of hilarity on wall quotes if I do say so myself, including editor cameos in comments.

    AMV gag: Video upload 'Kevin Caldwell's Engel' (Shinji says this is overrated.)

    Cocktail? Bunny stomper seemed appropriate. I did that quiz probably six times D:
    Beatle? Gendo as John Lennon fits eerily well.
    1980s movie star? Again, lots of redoing a quiz to find something to suit Kaji.
    Stripper name: What happened to come up after doing said quiz.
    "I don't give a S---" shot of Shinji with dirt. I amuse myself.
    "Kitty had a litter" gratuitous shot of PenPen!


    Evangelion Unit 2 pilot
    I kick ass and take names.

    Everything on her wall with the exception of the top most stuff are quotes she said from the series.

    And to top off the idea of checking up on your ex? Seeing their new squeeze, hello ReiXAsuka Yuri. I just Googled ReixAsuka and snatched said images.


    I would have liked to put Easter eggs in the recommended pages and ads, but again, I fail at readable still images in Magix apparently.


    I don't normally edit comedy, so I was happy to get positive reactions and see the NDK audience watch this video. I've tweaked a few parts since having sent it to conventions.

    *** AWARDS ***

    Best Comedy at Manifest
    Second Place at SacAnime
    Editor's Choice at NDK
    Best Comedy at AWA Pro XVI

    And for the record, while this song is very gimmick-y; Kate Miller-Heidke's album is really awesome. So if you remotely like the sound of her voice, or the funky tunes playing during the credits you should pick it up. I highly recommend it!

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