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  • Member: valdrianth
  • Title: Gunsmoke Wasteland
  • Premiered: 2010-09-19
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    • 10 Years Wasteland
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  • Comments: Edit:This video placed Best Drama in Mechacon VII's AMV contest.

    When inspiration hits, it hits. Let's face it, it's not fair that I call this show my favorite of all time without making a video of it. Originally I was going to make a Final Fantasy XIII video to this song, but the more I listened to it, the more I was like "no" this had to be a Trigun video, it fits too much.

    Obviously a lot of focusing on Vash and Knives, and the struggle between them. I tried very hard to limit my lip lap scenes in here, but a few crept up on me. Still, I think even the most noticeable ones didn't turn out too distracting. Again, not many effects with this either, and I only used one layer of video. I really wanted viewers to sit back and relate the lyrics of he song to what was going on in the scenes.

    It's not all in chronological order, and I actually struggled a bit with the interlude. Towards the end there's small glitch that happened in rendering, but I'm sure only editor eyes will really notice it. If I ever put this up for competition I'll go back and fix that little thing. Had to darken a few scenes in order to get the distorted pixels to fade away. Might still have a few though. Also, nope, no widescreen. The source wasn't wide screen and figured it would look better if I kept it as close as its original size as I could.

    Naturally, as soon as I start this video Funimation wants to release new DVDs. Still, I'm not patient enough for those to come out. Still, in the future, if I want to make another Trigun video, I'll be sure to use the better source.

    Song: Wasteland
    Artist: 10 Years
    Anime: Trigun
    Program: Vegas Pro 8.0

    Edit: This video recently won BEST DRAMA at the MechaCon VII AMV contest.

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