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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: Dai-Osaka Rap
  • Premiered: 2003-05-23
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    • 5th Element Ruby Rap (Chris Tucker)
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  • Comments: "Dai-Osaka rap" is a video that was actually thought up a fair wihle ago- I don't even remember when exactly. Well, obviously it would have had to have been after "The Fifth Element" was released, but that's as good as I can do in nailing the timeframe down. The soundtrack to that movie is just incredible- one of these days I'll get around to making the Diva Dance video I've had in mind for a while. But, I digress.

    This video was initially made as a possible submission to the Otakon AMV contest. I wanted someting to send in to the contest in the event that Who Let the 'Fros Out managed to actually win at Anime Central. I had the remastered Eden 12/24, but I was a bit concerned that it simply wouldn't be able to hold up against the newer, flashier edited action videos. So, on a whim (sadly, many of my videos start out this way :p ) I set out to see if I could make Dai-Osaka Rap.

    Making this video was amusing.... the main character in the video (playing Chris Tucker/Ruby Rhod's part) is a fairly minor character in the Battle Athletess TV Series. Not the -most- minor- he gets more screen-time than a number of the minor characters- but he's still not on screen for an excessive amount of time. However, after ripping the DVDs and searching through and outputting all of the scenes that he was in, I decided I should actually have enough footage to make this work. Thankfully, in most scenes he really isn't moving much, and it was fairly easy to do the lip-sync by copying and pasting frames. The opening scene was actually one of the most troublesome, as his hair is flying around and I had to use an overlay of just his mouth/face to do the lip sync. The ending sequence was also a bit troublesome- in the movie when the 'Rap' ends, Ruby is right up in the face of one of the flight attendants and she passes out from simply being near him at the end- well, there just wasn't a particualrly similar scene in Battle Athletess to work with- so I decided to have some fun with him and the nurse, who he has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with in the episode I used (he keeps referring to her by her age- which is why she smacks him at the end of the video). In doing this, I wasn't able to match up the moaning in the background- but I still think it works decently well.

    Basically, this is just a quick, fun little video that you'll hopefully get a bit of a laugh out of.

    To clear up any possible confusion- all of the text/titles in the video were intentionally added by me...

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