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  • Member: pink haze
  • Title: Trial by Drowning
  • Premiered: 2010-09-01
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    • Darren Hayes A Conversation With God
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  • Comments: AnimeUSA 2010 2nd place Drama
    AnimeCentral 2011 Best Drama
    FanimeCon 2011 Best Drama (Judges), 3rd place Drama (Audience)
    A-Kon 2011 Masters Runner-Up
    Anime Expo 2011 Finalist

    Check out Casshern Sins on Hulu or Funimation's Youtube Channel
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    Once I had pages to write here, but it seems fitting to strike straight to the heart of the matter.
    I wanted to make the definitive Casshern Sins music video, to represent its fundamentals, undiminished, unabbreviated and undigested. Here I sought to capture its soul!

    Spoiler warning for the first two or three episodes. Beyond that it's pretty harmlessly abstract.

    It doesn't matter how much or little you know about Casshern Sins.
    If you've never heard of it, please enjoy the pretty colors. If you've read the back of the box, you'll prolly pick up the general theme. If you've seen it, feel free to follow the story. And if you're a love-struck enthusiast and/or some kind of crazy literary critic, take a crack at interpreting the myriad of symbols and motifs.
    Enjoy! ^_^


    The story: Yes, it really does involve an ancient, inhumane trial method used to divine a verdict of guilt or innocence from On High: Trial by Drowning.

    As for the Japanese quote at the end of the video, I was largely inspired by it. It's something certain characters never manage to grasp, which is to me the greatest tragedy in the story.
    In short, the little girl is saying, "It's not your fault."

    Additional footage: Appleseed Ex Machina, Blame!, Ef - A Tale of Memories, Ef - A Tale of Melodies, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Fullmetal Alchemist, Karas, Gankutsuou, Le Portrait De Petit Cossette, Madlax, Magic Knights Rayearth (OVA), Sailor Moon SuperS, Shakugan no Shana & The Ring
    Editing Programs: Premiere CS4, Photoshop, After Effects & Audacity
    Time: 1 year o.O working pretty regularly. How, then, was I able to release this with blu-ray footage a mere two weeks after it came out in the US, you ask? I edited with fansubs and switched it all out when my preorders came in the mail (early, lucky me).

    Extra special thanks to Kazemon15 for all her help and great ideas! ^_~

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