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  • Member: LoneSaiyan115
  • Studio: Way Of The Pride Studios
  • Title: Silence
  • Premiered: 2010-08-27
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    • The Devil Wears Prada Louder Than Thunder
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  • Comments: I made this video for the sole purpose of entering it into Youmacon AMV contest for the Drama section... but damn was it a doesey... The story took me a few days to think of but damn is it a good one...

    Special thanks go out to:

    ProceedtoHeavan: for beta testing
    compbros: for compression and scripting help


    Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to transmute a Philosopher Stone to revive their recently deceased mother. While attempting this their transmutation backfires. The result of the after math is the death of Alphonse, and the amputation of Edward's right arm and left leg. Due to Al's death, Ed starts to suffer emotionally, so much that his relationship with Winry is strained.

    He starts to have dreams. In them Al is alive, but trapped in a suit of armor. He also dreams of Winry and him getting along, even intimately. He starts to becomes obsessed with these dreams, Even to the point that he burns his house down. Using that as motivation to follow the clues that are hidden throughout his dreams.

    He starts to see that his dreams are predicting the future, which helps him defeat a moving suit of armor like the dream version of Al. His dreams become so intense that he starts to see them while he is awake, They start to point them to the Homunculis. He lures them out and attempts to capture them, hoping he can interrogate them to tell him how to bring his brother back back.

    His visions have now gotten worse. They have taken new twists and turns from before. There is a different Homunculis Greed, the Homunculis Envy is changing into men he met in his dreams but doesn't change into the monsters he saw in his dreams. The dreams start to affect his state of mind so much that he can't discern reality form dream anymore.

    He has one final vision. He defeats a man that looks remarkable like himself, he gets Al's body back, and confesses to Winry. But in that instant he receives a fatal blow from Envy. He was chasing a dream that was screaming in his ear begging for it to stop. But in death, he finally can relish in silence, and join his brother and mother again

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