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  • Members: Enigma, Jeff
  • Studio: NV-Studios
  • Title: Made To Die
  • Premiered: 2010-08-27
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  • Song:
    • Sunna Power Struggle
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    Enigmas Comments: This 'thing' was started somewhere in mid July, Originally i had lost interest in it and just let it stay dormant somewhere in my hardrive.Jeff & Haze asked me if they could pick it up, Haze did but never actually finished it, So Jeff decided to finish it.

    Jeffreys comments: I got lied too and got nagged for weeks to make this abomination, and this is by far my most superb comedy video

    ...wait..this is a comedy video?


    I will be here when you are gone,
    So I have the right to a power gorge,
    And I will be good at making bad,
    And I'll light the way for the fucking mad,
    I will defeat what I'm heading for,
    And I will be here for evermore,
    And I am the way of your empty shell,
    I want more than I am,

    Cause I was made to fly,
    I was made to fly,
    And you were made to die,
    But I was made to fly

    I will defeat you.

    Manipulate, interrogate, compete all you like,
    And dominate with forceful hate,
    Cause You know I will defeat you.

    You were made to fight,
    Yeh you were made to fight,
    I was made to fly,
    But you were meant to die.

    Cause I was made to fly,
    I was made to fly,
    And you were made to fly,
    And I was made to fly.

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