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  • Title: Walking on Shonen
  • Premiered: 2010-08-26
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    • Glee cast Halo / Walking on Sunshine
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  • Comments: Like most folks who got into DBZ during the Toonami airings in the 90's, I found Chichi to be utterly annoying back in the day. When I went back and read the original Dragon Ball manga from the beginning, though, I found that she quickly became one of my favorite characters. I made this video to showcase how cool she was before she got all knocked up and relegated to Mom Duty (something that happens to essentially every major female Dragon Ball character sadly-- except those Toriyama simply forgets about like Lunch). Also there are so many DBZ videos out there, more people need to represent old-school DB.

    Making this video reminded me why I don't like working with long shonen shows: it took me roughly ten to twenty times as long to scrub through the episodes for the footage I wanted as it did to actually do the editing once I had the proper footage in front of me. (-:

    Also, let this video be a lesson to all of you: fix your footage first, edit second. I didn't notice the black pixels on the margins of certain clips until I was 99% through editing and it was no longer feasible to crop them out. I would've liked to have had better-quality footage to work with in general, but short of spending hundreds of dollars importing the Japanese Dragon Boxes, this was about the best I could do. The majority of the footage comes from the old Funimation dual-disc Dragon Ball sets (all of the Piccolo Jr. arc stuff), with some Blue Brick (most of the chibi-Chichi/Goku stuff), American Dragon Box (Goku on Snake Way / Kaio planet) and DBZ single-disc (some more of the chibi stuff which comes from a flashback in the Great Saiyaman saga of Z) footage as well.

    I'm submitting this to the AMV contest at Saboten Con 2010, so wish me luck.

    Link to YouTube streaming version:

    That version is an earlier cut of the video which isn't quite as polished. The downloadable version hosted here is my preferred version.

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