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  • Member: MycathatesyouAMV
  • Title: A Journey Through the Pages
  • Premiered: 2010-07-30
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    • Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane
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    -Best Drama @ KuroKiiro Festival II (2010) AMV Contest

    This was my entry for 2010 Otakon amv contest. It made the finals in the drama category. I had this idea for an amv for a while now. I really wanted to get a video out to submit to Otakon. It's my first time entering an amv to a con. Because of having to rush for the contest deadline, a couple parts are rushed. I am looking forward to doing a remastered version fixing a couple of personal, sync and scene issues I have.

    The Story: A boy, walking home on an ordinary day, finds a page from a diary titled "The Diary of Jane". He olds on to the paper incase he finds who it belongs to. Coincidentally the next day, he runs into the girl it belongs to. He notices the diary she is writing in, and catches that it is titled "The Diary of Jane" He immediately remembers the paper he found and gives it to the girl known as Jane. She is pleased of this, and the two become good friends. Eventually, they fall in love. Although Jane reveals to the boy that she has a disease that her memory is erased each day. In order to remember things, she writes all of her memories in the diary. With this problem, it is very hard for the two of them to keep a stable relationship, causing alot of drama. The two still love each, and the boy tries his hardes throughout the video to find his way in "The Diary of Jane", as the girl deals with trying to remebering things and the sadness. In the end, the boy manages to make the love powerful enough that she doesnt forget.

    Programs Used:
    Sony Vegas

    Other: I hope you enjoy this amv, it is my second of 2010, and I tried to put alot of effort into it. Comments, Opinions, and critique would be appreciated. I was proud enough with just making the finals at Otakon. I was impressed with alot of the vids, and it was amazing to witness my video being played on a big screen of over 2000 people.

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