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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Girl Chases Boy
  • Premiered: 2010-08-19
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  • Song:
    • Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles
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    Because there's nothing wrong in fighting for your future happiness.
    Even if the order is a little different from usual.

    This is my entry for Project NeoEditor Round 7 ^^ I had a lot of fun editing this one because I was working on an action entry which was slowly driving me mad since some parts weren't turning up the way I wanted.So I gave myself a break and edited this in a few hours before the deadline :)

    It's really simple - hardcuts, black fading, zooms - but I like it that way and simple always works best with romance ^^


    Dedicated to & inspired by: My sister who told me a very touching and interesting story.

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