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  • Member: EvilBloodyNoob
  • Title: Whoring Streets
  • Premiered: 2010-08-21
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  • Song:
    • Scars On Broadway Whoring Streets
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  • Comments: Before I write anything about the video
    I know it's slow, I know it lacks impact
    my videos never really have that much impact
    I am more of a flow editor
    so please do not complain about how it it's slow and it lacks impact
    I wanted it like that, I was going more with the song/lyric
    and this video is raw so don't complain that it needs Bright and Contrast, blurs, & other effects
    I wanted this video to be raw


    I wanted to make something more serious
    the song pretty much tells the whole story
    I usually don't write the story's about my video because people don't read the description(this apply's for youttube)so there is really no point of doing so

    at first Saya doesn't remember anything
    so she starts losing grip of reality and it's start killing her not just physically
    but mentally as well. The she starts to think to herself that there is no point anymore
    that everyone well eventually will die, she keeps walking and see that everyone around her doesn't see it that they're destroying everything around them and eventually will kill each other

    I do not wish to keep on going because I do not want to kill the video for you guys
    and the reason I called Whoring Streets because, this is how I actually see life
    other people not caring for our world and eventually the world will end because of their stupidity
    so I didn't call it Whoring Streets because of the song name or I was to lazy to name it
    it's just how I see life


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