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  • Member: ssgwnbtd
  • Title: Suggestions
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    • System of a Down Suggestions
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  • Comments: This is the second best KITE video I've ever seen. The Otaku Vengeance one to One Minute Silence - 16 Stone Pig is brilliant and sexy. But I digress..

    This video came to me one day.. I kept thinking.. I must make a video to a SOAD song.. and not just a mindless one, one with feeling and unf. Lots of unf. Dripping with UNF! And then one day I saw KITE and saw the fall scene and was like, "falling... falling.. where have a heard a song with falling and screaming and loud ass beat changes.." and it clicked.

    ****************************** UPDATE ******************************

    This video was shown at the Halloween Pledge of Allegiance Tour Show at the Continental Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey!!! BOOYA!!!

    If anyone has any further info on this email to

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