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  • Member: EveneshBL
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: [Coup d'etat]
  • Premiered: 2010-06-18
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  • Song:
    • The Used the bird and the worm
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  • Comments: Won best trailer

    Okay. Write down the comment now.

    Aparently me and my idiotic innerself have forgotten to upload this here, so it's download-able. XD

    About the video... Hmm... I personally love trailers, and this is mainly the reason why I go to the cinema /excluding the popcorn and coke of course I:/ ... They are somehow... hm, inspiring? So yes. Eve liked trailers. Eve made a random anime trailer. Nuff said.

    I started this project in like.. January? lol fail. Finished in June. Dedicated it to 30+ people for missed birthdays. I am a very good friend.

    So as I said, I started this project back in january, when i was still a rookie with AAE (not that I'm not now as well but...) and yes. Lame Video Copilot tutorializing i ntro. WOHOO. WATCH AND LEARN FAWKAS. lol D8

    So you are probably wondering, how was I able to spend 6 months over this piece of 1-min-and-8-secs crap. I am too, but the answer is simple - SCHOOL. I had an important year with many exams and crap like that and some school and family problems, because of which i was able to get online only like twice per week for 3 hours. :/

    Excluding from the fact that aparently I enjoy failing at life, some parts in the video didn't come out the way I wanted to. AND I BLAME KARMA FOR THAT. :C
    Also, I could've manipulated the colors more so they blend better, but I really lost the lust of editing this, I prefer editing my new projects xD


    I am going to give a few direct links to a Low Quality .mp4 version for really really slow computers from the '80s xD Without the intro and watermarks. Another one, YouTube HD format aka 1280x720 .wmv + Watermarks and ELS intro, HD version (1280x720) with no intro version. I:

    Maybe you're asking youselves why the hell am I rendering it like that? Well I really want to participate in this year's Aniventure, but the rules are the videos to be annonymous soo... 8'D No watermarks, studio names, no nothing. This is why i changed a bit the text :3

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