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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: 12th Illusion Studio
  • Title: Celestial Being ( Gundam 00 Trailer )
  • Premiered: 2010-08-03
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Bear McCreary Boomer Takes Hera
    • Bear McCreary Gaius Cult
    • Bear McCreary Kaara Coordinates
  • Anime:
  • Comments: For some time I wanted to try and make a trailer. But every time I started remaking some trailer it always ended up far less entertaining than the original. The solution was simple - make a trailer to some anime from scratch. I liked the idea and started to think of a combination that would allow me to make awesome video. First came the music , since I fell in love with Battlestar Galactica 4th OST, so I picked "Boomer Takes Hera". Then I needed something that would have lots of explosions, pretty good english dubbing and have some epic moments. Gundam 00 had all the 3 qualities so I picked it and started editing.
    Some time have passed and I showed it to my betatesters. And you know those moments when you think everything is ok, but then someone points you thing you placed in your blindspot and it suddenly can't be ignore ever again? Well this happened here, when I heard the music is way too repetitive and lacks any kind of suspense building. And damn - it was right on the spot, I couldn't not see it anymore. So yeah, I did the drastic thing and took almost finished video, left only about final 30 s, added two different tracks fro BSG OST and started gluing it again. And after some time (with a lot of unexpected breaks ) I finally created this video.

    And apart from this a bit pointless story what else can I tell you? It's a trailer, you roughly know what to expect, right?

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