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  • Member: EvilBloodyNoob
  • Title: Stand Your Ground
  • Premiered: 2010-07-24
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    • Superchick Stand In The Rain
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  • Comments: Before I write anything else
    I would like to Thank Three people

    Trey for helping me out with the mask
    and there is really no reason to put a link to his page because he has more subs them me XD but whatever I'll still do it lmao

    John for helping with the TV Sim


    Noelle for helping me with my lagging problem and for helping me get HD ;D

    I really don't see why I'm putting links to their page, when they have more subs then MEH Dx


    Download Link:

    Well anyways,
    at first I just planed to make this video for my little sister because her birthday is on August 18th & I remember that Pete's birthday is on the 17th and Riccardo's birthday is on the 18th as well Dx
    & since my sister, mom, & dad have their birthday in the same moth(each in different weeks) so I was like @-@ I can't make them all different videos @-@

    So this video is for
    My Sister Wendy, My Mom, My Dad, Ricardo, & Pete Birthday
    I hate you all for having your birthday all in the same month e-e


    Song: Stand In The Rain
    Artist: Superchick
    Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima
    Labels: Columbia Records & Inpop Records

    Sony Vegas Pro.8

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