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  • Member: aluminumstudios
  • Studio: Aluminum Studios
  • Title: Faceless Hill
  • Premiered: 2002-07-27
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    • Genesis Land of Confusion
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  • Comments: Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals and hate people who harm them. Heisei Tanuki Ponpoko is a wonderful Ghibli Studios film about a bunch of tanuki (raccoons) who are having their land and way of life taken away by construction and development. I wanted to make a video to make people aware of this and how this movie wasn't really fiction when you sit down and think about it.

    I wanted the point of the AMV to be it's message, as odd and hard to understand as this may be I didn't want it to be too "entertaining." If I made it too entertaining people would just take it as an AMV and not pay as much attention to what it is saying. I also slowly built up to the videos point rather than sticking it in the viewers face (which is something I personally don't like to see when watching videos.)

    Initially this video showed at Otakon 2002. Afterwards I composited in some photographs that I took around Pittsburgh (and one near my home town of Hanover, PA) that bore an eerie resemblance to scenes from the movie. This video recieved honorable mention at Anime North 2003.

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