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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Situation Comedy Blues.... OR a complete lack of catagory
  • Premiered: 2003-05-20
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  • Song:
    • Momus Situation Comedy Blues
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  • Comments: This AMV is something that came to me a while ago but i had no idea how to exicute it for a long time. This video is all about comparisen and contrast on many different levels. Jin-Roh and excel saga suprisingly arent that different from each other. The main focus here is the similarities Between the charecters Fuse and Pedero. They both have love interests which are taken away from them, they both go through extreem emotional pain resaulting in them crying out. Yet as an audiance we laugh at one and fill pitty for the other.

    This i think is exspressed by the first few lines of the song "What is a laugh" or what is comedy? and what is dramatic? The beat of the song is silly but the lyrics are depressing. Yet they are both a part of the same thing. THe same goes for the comparisen of Pedero and Fuse.

    The roles of the charecters in this AMV i hope are aparent but if not .
    Pedero is the "Man who serves the laughter" for the Dunkards of Disaster Fuse. Both of these men are depressed and due to Circumstance have lost there lovers hence the barrage of images at then end fallowed at the end with Pedero reaching for her. He is in parrel and litterally a wreck . Fuse on the other hand (This is that contrast part) Well i wont spoil Jin Roh for those that havent seen it.

    Then there's the TV series that Pedero is working on WHich is Excel Saga except semingly recast (It helps that the series creators are making the show inside of the show) So the sequence where the "Queer And Pakistani" are revieled is purely comedic. The TV series is brought up in two other means.
    1. The excel Saga Opening itself which is is basicly a part of the comedy that Pedero must write and what keeps him from his wife much like his work did in the TV series. Excel and Hyatt singing is used alot to keep the comedic nightmare that he goes through ever present.
    2. At the very end Not only does this make a direct contrast against the Violence in Excel Saga and jin roh (Which happens quite a few times in the AMV) A red ridding hood getting gunned down not funny but seeing excel get shot is. Both scenes would also Precurse each other if they were one person (A person is shot, they fall down dead with bullet holes in them).

    There are several other comparisens and little things that i like about this AMV (Pedero waking up from what is Fuses nightmare) but i wont go over all of them as that would ruin all the fun. The fun part about this seeing things and then seeing more things the nesxt time you watch it. I hope that you enjoy.

    Also note that this AMV is a smaller then my origenal file (only 38 megs for a 4 minute AMV) so the quality may not be DVD quality but still quite Viewable.

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