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  • Member: LuckyStar2908
  • Title: Remaining Sense of Pain
  • Premiered: 2010-07-07
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed I'm Alive
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  • Comments: This turned out pretty good for something that contains lots of brightness & contrast changes/flashes. I think it's a solid amv (nothing special/nothing shitty) that we can consider as " good " ^_^

    So this was made in maybe 12 - 24 hrs of work somewhere between that timeframe in I think 3 days
    What i did here is just using basic effects that everyone should now who also edits AMV's
    What i liked most is using the velocity option
    like speeding up the vid and then let it go to normal speed again
    I think im gonna use that for other amv's more often now ^_^

    I rushed the ending abit so i can go on with other stuff and I was running out of scenes since i only wanted to use the 3rd Movie of Kara no Kyoukai

    It totally fits the song isn't it ? ^_^

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