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  • Member: MaggIvy
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Redemption
  • Premiered: 2010-06-20
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  • Songs:
    • Brenda Lee Fly Me To The Moon
    • Globus Orchard of Mines
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  • Comments: First and foremost, this video is my first ever HD video, it has taken me over two years to create. Yeah, I'm not exactly creatively dead yet. It was made during a time of transition and technological strife. It was first started on my old and dying pc, in SD. Well that PC finally died and I was able to save my project and video files. However, I had no machine to finish it with, at the time. I finally got a new computer, and thinking it would instantly edit at will, I gave it a good run. Only to run into multiple other technical difficulties. After numerous times, of tossing in the towel, and washing my hands of the entire project...I believe 3 times now to be exact, I just could never let it go. I put so much time and effort and thought into my cuts, clip selection, and trying to bring my imaginary video to life. It was truly an epic love and hate battle between me and the machine, and my patience. After all I have always dreamed of making a Devil May Cry music video.When my new PC issues were finally panned out, I had this other idea, let's try it in HD! So did the rebirth of this cursed project began, I had to re-capture, re-process, and recreate everything the original had, including the original edits. The first half of the video went perfect, till I reached the point the original make ended, and reached a creative road block for months. When I finally came around to almost finishing this project, adobe reared it's ugly head, and it was hell from then on. This is truly the project that I thought would never see the light of day or be seen by anyone else other than myself.

    Devil May Cry 4, was, in my opinion the perfect footage to use for a song that I fell in love with. As action packed as it was, it had an underlying story of love between a young man and a woman, and the cult that her relatives devoted themselves to. And the man that tried to stop the end of the world for the 4th time in a row. I tried to cast a little bit more light on this love story. I hope you enjoy my video, best viewed in VLC player. I apologize for it's large file size.

    This video's footage, was captured, edited, and exported in HD, no up-scaling here. HD from the beginning, to the very end.

    I hope you enjoy, sorry for it's file size, thanks for your time, and thanks for watching.

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