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  • Member: JustaGreekLegend
  • Title: Walk A New Path (Sojiro Seta)
  • Premiered: 2010-06-17
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    • Decyfer Down No Longer
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  • Comments: A video about Sojiro and his wavering emotions, shown with both emotion and action editing.

    Story: The video starts by showing both the young and older Sojiro, and then focuses more on the younger version, to describe his past (aka: how he was treated as a slave and how he met Shishio). Theres a build-up leading up to his older self, and this is when his battle with Kenshin starts.

    During the first stages of the battle, he has the advantage, but then Sojiro thinks of his past when he was young. This is where it shows he's last day of being treated as a slave because at night of that same day, his family aimed to kill him when they figured out that he was hiding Shishio at one of their storage rooms. Sojiro is then seen running away in fear before he snaps and uses the sword that Shishio gave him when they met to kill his family.

    When his battle with Kenshin resumes, Sojiro loses his advantage as his emotions begin to surface, and because of that he gets caught by Kenshin. Kenshin then said to him that maybe his true self doesn't want to be a killer, which is what is has become after he killed his family and joined Shishio.

    Sojiro then remembers the night when he killed his family. At that moment he was really sad and cried because he didnt really want to kill them. Sojiro then goes crazy as these emotions begin to show his true self. Kenshin and Sojiro then finish their battle with their best moves.

    At the end, Sojiro is satisfied with the result, as he will now "walk a new path" and begin his search to find more about his true self, and how he should live his life.

    This vid is also less effect oriented then my other vid on this website because thats how it was meant to be. The reason why I used many effects in my other vid was because I wanted to show the "mysteriousness" of Ichigo's hollow. I adapt my editing based on the song I use and the story behind a video.

    I hope that all of you enjoy this video!

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