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  • Member: pillsbury15
  • Studio: 4thplace Productions
  • Title: a Tale on a Cliff by the Sea
  • Premiered: 2010-06-17
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  • Song:
    • Paco Fernández & Levitation Oh Home ft. Cathy Battistessa
  • Anime:
  • Comments: "If we knew the way to pass suffering, would we hear the call of the truths that sing"

    a Tale on a Cliff by the Sea

    Hmm ... what to say ... this project in the beginning seemed like a walk in the park ... but then I realized no matter what I did if I edit with Ponyo it comes out plain and simple and not necessarily in a good way, Ponyo isn't easy to edit to in my opinion and it was one of those many projects of mine that seemed to not work ... and was about to get completely scrapped ... but I had to finish it I had nothing else I could finish in time.

    I've wanted to edit to this song and this movie for a long time now turns out the two don't make a good pair originally I was going to use Troubled Girl by Karen Ramirez which goes with the movie and the style a lot more but decided to scrap that ... don't remember why though?

    You might be wondering why in the world a roughly 3 minute video is weighing that much ... well my sources were BD so I felt it would be stupid to not keep the sources quality ... though my sources were BD the final project was isn't due to ... meh.

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