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  • Member: Alt_z3
  • Title: Emptiness
  • Premiered: 2010-06-15
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    • The Devil Wears Prada Louder Than Thunder
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    I like this year:) another video from me:)


    When I saw in the anime that Ulquiorra died in such a sad way I thought to myself that I want to make an amv from it. So I started to look for a good music. Soon Ber shown me the Louder then Thunder track from the band Devil Wears Prada. This track was the only one in the melancholic mood from their newest album. In no time I started editing.

    In this amv I tried something new in the plot telling. I started from the end. In the begining you can see that Ulquiorra is turning to ashes and facing Orihime. In the development you can see a something like retrospection. The moments that leaded to Ulquiorra's death. I tried to show the fellings he has for Orihime. That inside a man with no fellings some of them are starting to grow. Next we can see the furious Ichigo killing the main character with easy. In the ending we can once again see how Ulquiorra turns to ashes and dissapears.

    Effects used aren't sophisticated, blurs, glows, shakes. I used only those that can go with the sad melancholic mood I tried to create. Hope you will like it, I tried to give a meaning to Ulquiorra's death.

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